Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hilo Side of Life

It has been my extraordinary joy to teach and practice at Warrior Won School of Yoga this summer.  Over the last six weeks, the waves, warriors, wind, rain and sun have imbued my body-mind with a gentle ease and feeling of harmony and strength that I haven't felt since I was 11 years old and didn't know any better or worse.  Days filled with music, friends and yoga remind me of what is real and what I am, as Heidi Richgruber put it in class the other day, mostly empty space and a little vibration.  As mostly space and a little vibration, a lot becomes possible.  We are not our bodies.  And yet these earthly satchels of livers, bellies, greater trochanters, hearts, hands and histories are in our care, and participating in enlivening activities and diets does seem to allow our more spacious nature to emerge.

I am making a commitment to sharing more of my experience via the written word.  I am an improviser, and I thrive in staying on my toes and drawing on the attention that I have cultivated up until now to align with a voice that is beyond my normal personality.  However, I want to begin recording more of what emerges.  Thank you for being my witness.

A tiny bit of  fodder for your empty space and vibration:
Movie of the Month: Forks Over Knives (recommended to me by the lovely J. Zimmerman)
Book of the Month: Bruce Lee: Artist of Life  (given to me by my genius husband, Joel Ricci)