Monday, May 13, 2013

The Wisdom in Weeding

There are so many ways to weed.  Here at 3 Creeks, the home and haven of Gigi Coyle and Win Phelps, I have the charge of weeding the 'gate garden', which is planted with corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers (and maybe some rogue cilantro!).
I can choose to pick the tops of the weeds off, or dig a little with a spade to get to the root, or rake an area with gloved fingers to unearth and sift out weeds that are young enough, before they interfere with the sprouts
that have been intentionally planted.
I used to detest weeding.  I considered all little plants worthy and beautiful, and just as I welcome a full range of human emotion, I welcome all these little growing things, but that does not mean they all get to stick around.  When I weed, I bow down to the beauty and tenacity of the little buggers, but now I LOVE pulling them out, especially from the ROOT.  Not only does that give me the satisfaction of having done a weeding job that will last, it also serves as a vivacious metaphor for habits of mind.
As I weed, I engage with a subtle ritual of dismantling volunteer thoughts that interfere with the thoughts that I nurture and water so that my mind and heart may ultimately become a source and force for nourishment, just as the beans, corn, squash will eventually feed the residents here at 3 creeks.
Through the process of sitting meditation that my dear friend and partner in ridiculousness, Heather Heintz, and I practice each morning here, I have an opportunity to travel to the roots of the mental weeds that present themselves.
How do I know if it's a weed?  Don't always.  Luckily, they come back again and again.  Eventually they must make themselves clearly known for what they produce.
Happy Weeding!!!!