Sunday, January 5, 2014



Burros are known for their strength and service, and when something seems dangerous to them they swiftly dig their heels into the ground and don't budge.  Brave New Burro courageously moves towards the challenge of bringing an uncommon creative vision to fruition with Ben Wright on tuba, Dylan Pappert on valve trombone, Peter Halter on the drums, Joel Ricci on trumpet and singer Ivy Ricci on ukulele, guitar, & bass drum.

After playing with the Taos members two winter solstices ago and then again at Larry & Sare's wedding this summer in Portland, Oregon, the Riccis knew they needed to pack south and lay down some tracks with these wildcards ASAP.  So after they finished cutting grapes in France, they drove here from the Pacific Northwest via the wilds of Idaho, Utah and Colorado to commence this brave new project.

Sometimes late1920s torch, sometimes Tucson porch, sometimes New Orleans, sometimes something straight from a dream, BNB is turning out to be no ordinary brass band.  This band is living proof of what it sounds like to heed the creative call.

BNB is in the process of recording their first collection of songs, all original material written by Ivy Ricci.  Their future is unknown, so don't miss this special sneak preview of what these guys are up to.


Joel and Ivy are refugee home-makers, hearth-huggers who have been on the road for almost 2 years!  Joel plays trumpet and guitar, Ivy plays ukulele and guitar, and they sing together as only a married duo can.

They travel with sourdough starter, heirloom seeds, and original songs.  These two have made their way to Taos to collaborate with some of the good folks here, and their harmonies and love are unstoppable.

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